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  • Which guard do I need?
    There are no rigid guidelines for which guard you should choose. The standard guard offers high protection, but the Heavy Duty and Air Guard are more protective again. The trade off is the slightly bulkier end product. As a rule of thumb, up to 12yo most cases would only require a standard guard. From 13yo and above it is a choice balanced between comfort, protection and costs that best suits you or your child.
  • How much of the cost do I get back from my health fund?
    That will vary from fund to fund and also depend your particular policy, so we can't keep track of what each person is eligible to claim. HBF is the most common fund so we do know the coverage levels for them. On an eligible policy HBF will cover $ 174 against any of the guards.If you need to contact your fund to check your cover, you will be asked to provide these details. ​ Services provided will be ( Example fees are on standard guard ) 014 "Consultation" Charged at $50 151 "Mouthguard indirect" Charged at $135 Provider number 402 5702 F
  • What happens if my child has missing or growing teeth?
    This is the case with most of our customers. During the manufacturing process, we accommodate for growing and missing teeth as much as we can. In the vast majority of cases, this works well. If however you get into trouble during the season of purchase, we are happy to adjust the guard free of charge to get you through.
  • How long does a mouthguard last?
    Up until about the age of 16, most kids need a new guard each year. This is due to changes in dentition that naturally occur during growth. Adults may get multiple seasons from a mouthguard if it is cared for well.
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