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Proud new sponsor of the Senators

Are excited to let you know that we will be attending the Warwick Stadium on:

 30th of April

to conduct a fitting session for top quality custom made mouthguards.

We will be in the foyer from 8.30 till 1.30

To make  the process of ordering and delivery as convenient for you as we can

please read the below information carefully, then click the " Our Online Store" button if you wish to order


The " Our Online Store" button will take you to our store where you can browse, select and purchase your guard in advance of the fitting date.

  • Please follow the link and make your purchase before the fitting day.

  • You will be emailed your receipt instantly on purchase.

  • Upload your receipt to your Health Fund to make your claim ( some links to popular funds are below ).

  • Just present yourself at the session and we will retrieve your details

  • At the session, please respect social distancing as best you can.


You will still have the ability to arrange your purchase on the day if you are caught short, by using your mobile.

  • To buy a second guard for siblings:

    • Add the first one to the bag.

    • The next page shows your SHOPPING CART and CHECKOUT email validation.

    • Click the blue “ Get another Guard “ under your items or the brown " Get another Guard" above them.

    • The selection process will start again and it will add the new guard to your cart.

  • To delete a guard in your cart, go to your cart and click the X next to the “151” item.

  • At the end of the CHECKOUT process, the field “ Please type the clubs name” is mandatory. To prepare for your fitting, we need to know where we will meet you.



At the moment of purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email which will have a PDF receipt attached. It is this document that you will need to present to your health fund. There are links to some of the major funds below that either detail how to claim online or go straight to their login page.

To check your level of cover, contact your health fund and provide them with the following:

  • Provider number 402 5702 F                   

  • Service 014 charged at $ 50

  • Service 151 charged at $135                    *( 151 charge varies depending on the guard selected )

Example fees are based on our standard guard $185



Delivery will be by AusPost directly to the shipping address you provide * If you pre-purchase online, delivery will be free.

  • Usually it takes between 1 and two weeks, but we will be trying to get your guards to you for the following week.

  • You will receive shipping confirmation and a tracking number from Aus Post.

Clicking on one of the below logos will refer you to the login page of HBF and Medibank Private where you can upload your receipt for your claim, as well as the “ How to make an online claim page for BUPA:

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